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Research and Development

Over the past few years Simpson Patterns Ltd have been involved in a number of Research and Development (R&D) projects including leading a research and development programme for the application of aerospace technology to the production of existing manufactured components across a range of industries all helping to develop solutions to various manufacturing problems. 

Simpson Patterns Ltd have developed new ways of moulding products and the material/resin matrixes. One project, for example, required the development of a very flexible product that also had to be very strong and be produced within the customer’s budget to keep production within the UK.  

We have helped develop new approaches to many challenging production problems. We have developed unique machining solutions for a number of products, some of which are starting to be industrialised.  

We can take our customers project from prototype stage to mass production. We are using our unique position to help our customers overcome concept problems and provide them with a tailor made service.  This may mean us getting involved at the start of the project or providing them a number of our services that could be anything from design to pattern, mould and production In the very near future we are going to further invest in more machinery to help expand our capability for the benefit of our customers.

Examples of Research and Development Projects...

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Intelligent design through innovation - 
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Subaru Imprezza Bumpers - 
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