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Contractor: Rapid Sports

Sector: Research & Development

Project: Intelligent design through innovation

We are working closely with Rapid Sports to develop a range of Kayaks and other sports equipment using a concept of design manufacture and modern composites.

We take the design from CAD data and produce a number of prototypes using CNC technologies, this enables us to make cost effective moulds for full size prototypes and if needed we can alter these moulds to accommodate design changes and produce further prototypes for testing.

After testing and other considerations the finished boat is made from a number of components is 3m long and has to weigh under 7KG. Only at this point do we then produce production tooling from composite materials. We will be launching the first in the range through Rapid Sports in the spring of 2014, with more products following throughout the year. We are very keen to help develop other sporting equipment by using modern manufacturing process, design and composites. We are looking at introducing elements of material additive manufacturing into some of the parts (3d printing) and are also looking at a process to make a seamless boat.