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About Simpson Patterns Ltd

Simpson Patterns Ltd are dedicated to providing a complete, integrated service for our clients covering a wide range of industries. Our highly skilled workforce, in-house CAD team, and Rapid Manufacturing technologies work together to ensure that you receive the seamless design of products - from concept to completion.

Simpson Patterns Ltd has developed advanced skills in the design and manufacture of products, from traditional materials to modern composites. Our experience and knowledge enables us to produce innovative, cost effective solutions for you including prototypes and models, to full-scale production runs.

We apply our skills across a broad range of sectors, including the Aerospace, Construction and Transport industries. Our experience in these industries, combined with our in-house expertise provides you with this complete service. Taking advantage of the latest technologies, and providing this complete service makes us ideally placed to shape your next solution - why not get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and next project!


We are so confident in our knowledge, skills and expertise that we Challenge You - to Challenge Us! 

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