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Using extensive knowledge and experience Simpsons Patterns Ltd are well placed to meet all our customer’s needs when it comes to GRP/composites and we produce many different parts for a wide range of industries we are able to shape the correct solution to meet your exact requirements.

We have a range of customers within the construction industry such as Sir Robert McAlpine who we have made special GRP formwork's to major house-building companies. 

Our focus is to provide all of our clients with the highest customer service and a complete service. Whether your requirements are for complex industrial use or for decorative applications, you are able to select from a whole range of facilities and processes, to match individual specifications and budgets.

With our in house Cad department we can produce drawings for our customers to sign off before production starts. At this stage our pattern/plug shop get involved where they will construct a wooden/composite pattern/plug of the drawing. From here we move to our mould shop and a tooling resin mould is made. After the mould has cured it will be sealed waxed and a product is produced. Some of our customers require a master to be made from the new mould for future production. 

We have been involved in some exciting and challenging bespoke projects but we also have a range of ‘standard’ house features from canopies to dormers. 

Along with building products we are also producing GRP/composite parts for the sports and marine industries.  

Examples of GRP projects...                                   

GRP_Project.jpg GRP_Project2.jpg
Name of project - click here for more details  White Cottage Parapets - click here for more details 

Used in these industry Sectors: