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Sector: Construction

Project: White Cottage Parapets

Client: Green Counties

We have worked on and been involved in many bespoke GRP projects within the GRP industries and were approached by the architect at Green Counties, a building company from London to look at and come up with a solution, for a planning and construction problem they had.

The challenge was that they had no way of supporting a curved wall that protruded onto the roof and they were keen to know if a GRP solution was possible. After visiting site and discussing the issues they had with their site manager and architect we were able to offer a solution that was right for them and the project. Once the client approved our idea we then proceeded to build a curved wall from the same brick as the building. We then produced a three-part mould from GRP.

After post curing this mould we were able to manufacture the required number of GRP walls, adding a fixing system to the GRP wall and flange that were then delivered to site and installed.

We worked closely with the client and successfully completed this project within a very tight delivery timeframe. The customer was very grateful for our solution and commitment to delivering on time and within budget.