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Contractor: Carmody Groake Architects

Sector: Foundries

Project: 7/7 permanent Memorial, Hyde Park

Client: Norton Cast Products Sheffield

We are privileged to work with many foundries producing numerous different metals throughout the British foundry industry. We worked with a local foundry in the development of pattern equipment for the stainless steel plaque to commemorate the 7/7 London Bombings.

To deliver this project we had to work closely with the foundry and designer due to the size and complexity of the casting. We produced a number of test pieces with selected lettering on. This meant that they could check the finish on the lettering as the font had been commissioned especially for the monument. A composite board was produced to the size required, as the finished piece could not have any joint lines in it.

The architects requested an excellent surface finish along with sharp corners on all junctions. We achieved this by finishing the pattern with a 0.1mm step over and with a 0.5mm diameter tool. Resulting in a very high standard and from this pattern the foundry was able to produce a high definition sand mould and subsequently produce a high quality casting.

The monument can be seen in Hyde Park London